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Qualifier: I am not a luthier, nor am I a violin maker. I am a violin enthusiast. If you wish to catch the fever, give me a call. I could talk violins all day!

Following is the list of most of my inventory of violins for sale. All violins come with your choice of type of chinrest.

PS. If you don’t see anything here that works for you, I know luthiers who can perhaps match you up with something that suits your needs.

Violin #1: The Kalman Horvath Violin

Brought across the pond in the 1980’s by Hungarian immigrant Kalman Horvath, this French violin was made in the Mirecourt region of France some time in the 1930’s. It has a very nice, rich voice and is fitted with Thomastik Vision Solo strings.

Priced at $600. Outfit also available.

Violin #2: The Nairn Menzies

This violin was one of five that I purchased from a family member of a well-known fiddler from the Moose Jaw area. It had some internal problems, so I removed the top and ended up reducing plate thicknesses and putting in a soundpost patch. The exciting thing about finishing and reworking violins is the anticipation of the final result. I suspected this was one of Nairn’s main playing instruments. Even if it is not a pretty violin, it does have lots of character. I have to say it is even across all four strings and has to be one of the LOUDEST violins I’ve yet had. The violin is currently fitted with D’Addario Pro Arte strings.

Priced at $400. With purchase of this fiddle, a complete outfit is available for $100, including:

-Choice of new carbon fiber or good used wooden bow

-Shoulder rest, playing mute, rosin

-Used carrying case

Violin #3: The Nairn II

The second of the estate violins to undergo a major overhaul. This violin has a beautiful one-piece back. Because of condition, I decided to strip and refinish the instrument with a dark spirit varnish. It really is beautiful. Currently fitted with Thomastik Vision Solo strings ($100 value), it is dark and mellow, and it will be interesting to see how the sound evolves as it is played.

Priced at $500. A complete accompanying outfit is available for $100, including:

-Choice of new carbon fiber or used wooden bow, and type of chinrest

-Playing mute, rosin and new shoulder rest

-Used carrying case

Violin #4: Czechoslovaki Stradivarius Copy

This is a good, solid instrument, and is currently fitted with new D’Addario Pro Arte strings (a $55 value). It would certainly be a good candidate to be fitted with Sensicore Octave strings (a $110 set), that lowers the register across all strings by one octave to give that cello sound. A fun toy for Christmas, perhaps?

Priced as is at $250. With Sensicore Octave strings, $300.

As always, an accompanying outfit is available at a cost of $100.

Violin #5: 1/8 Size Violin Outfit

A cute little violin, suitable for the aspiring 5-7 year old player. Comes with bow and case. As you can see by the pictures, I’m waiting for delivery of a chinrest. Pictured along with a 4/4 violin for perspective.

Priced at $150

Violin #6: The Birdseye Maple Violin

A very pretty violin, currently fitted with Evah Pirazi green strings (a $140 value). Very nice, even sounding instrument. As with many violins I sell, it has had the belly removed, and the plates regraduated for optimal performance.

Priced at $400, with outfit available at a price of $100.

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