Designer Violins

Looking for a violin that is made just for you? Perhaps a presentation violin for that special someone in your life? Welcome to a world of unlimited possibilities!

I am now offering a customizing service. Here’s how it works…

  1. We start with a violin ‘in the white’, or an unvarnished violin. Depending on your intended use, you can select a violin ranging in price from $150 CDN for Chinese-made violins to upwards of $2000 for violins made in Europe.
  2. I will design the violin to your specifications. We can collaborate on possibilities, ranging from self-designing to image transfer, to custom painted. Add bling, glitter… the choice is yours. The only limitation is density and thickness of applications, which could impact the sound of your new instrument.
  3. Select a colour.
  4. Select your fittings… pegs, tailpiece, chinrest, strings.
  5. Wait for your once-in-a-lifetime violin.

My process has been developed to not only create a work of art that is uniquely yours, but the instrument will sound amazing! The process is as follows (but could be adjusted depending on intended results)…

  1. Once the white violin has been selected, the top (or belly) is removed, and plate graduation assessed. Adjustments are made as required using a tried and tested template. The top is then lightly glued back in place.
  2. The violin is sanded and prepared for finishing.
  3. The finishing process begins as primers and stains are applied. Once the desired ground has been achieved, images can be applied.
  4. Once adornment is complete, several coats of clear oil varnish are applied.
  5. The top is removed, and tuning of the plates is checked with tap tones to ensure images have not changed the tone of the violin. Adjustments are made if necessary and the top is replaced.
  6. Two to three clear coats of varnish complete the finish.
  7. Fingerboard, pegs, shoulder rest, tailpiece and strings are installed. A new bridge is cut and soundpost installed.

Your new violin is complete and, like fine wine, will only improve with age!

To discuss the possibilities for YOUR customized violin, give me a call or message me at 306.717.6735 or email to

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