Saskatoon Violin Repair

Do you have a violin that’s been hiding in the attic or buried in your closet for years? Maybe your player violin is in need of a cleaning and tune-up, new strings or a new bridge. Perhaps you or your child are considering taking up the violin, and you’re not sure where to start.

I love to talk fiddles! For a free, fair, honest and friendly assessment on repairs, recommendations and reasonable pricing, drop me a line at 306.717.6735. Located in Saskatoon Confederation and available days and evenings, and weekends, by appointment.

At the Prairie Fiddler, I have a selection of instruments for demonstration and for sale, as well as some accessories. I can give you pointers on what to look for as well as price breaks for different qualities of instruments.

To learn more, look for The Prairie Fiddler at or find me on Facebook as Silky Strings of Saskatoon.

Happy fiddling from Glen at The Prairie Fiddler!

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