Come Hell or High Water

CoverCome Hell or High Water’ is set in the dust bowl of rural small town Saskatchewan.

This historical fiction piece revives the glory days of the local sports day and the people who played such an important part of it.  From the central characters that take in the sports day to the organizers of the event and the Native participants, Larson blends a colourful array of characters into a gut wrenching, heartwarming and sometimes humorous tale of survival and human triumph.

“While this particular story is centered on the now nearly extinct farming community of Hatfield, Saskatchewan, the theme is quite generic for the prairies.  I hope it will reach and touch a large cross-section of prairie people.”

“I started writing down a few family anecdotes about seven years ago,” says Larson.  “Over the years the stories grew.  I’m not sure at what point I thought of weaving them together into a work of fiction, but it almost seems that direction was inevitable.  Once the story began to grow, I took it upon myself to learn more about the period and for a time became immersed in that research.”

“I must admit I had no concept of how much time and work actually goes into the production of a book, even one as relatively simple as this.  The learning curve has been steep and I’ve had some ups and downs while working through the process, but in the end I’m quite proud of my accomplishment.”


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