Violin Strings and Accessories

At The Prairie Fiddler, I am now stocking a limited selection of parts and accessories for your instrument. Parts in stock are in 4/4 size, but if you are looking for smaller sizes, I can probably source for you.

List of strings is currently on hand, and price is subject to change without notice.

Guarnari Gold Ebony 12.00
Guarnari Hill Gold Box 14.45
Kaufman Gold Ebony 11.75
Teka Gold Ebony 11.75
Dresden Gold Boxwood 10.50

Round Ebony 3.90
Round Ebony (Bone Fret) 4.70
Hill Boxwood 4.05
Hill Boxwood (Bone Fret) 4.85
Harp (Gold Fret) 7.55

Pegs (each)
French Ebony (Gold Collar) 1.75
French Ebony (Parisian Eye) 1.75

Normal Ebony 0.80
Ebony Bone Pin 0.80
Ebony Parisian Eye 0.80

Nuts and Saddles 0.50

Tailguts 0.66

Mutes 2.00

Strings (4/4 Size)
Thomastik Alphayue 45.5
Pirastro Tonica 38.40
Zyex 60.00
Ascente 38.00
Aiersi Nylon VS138 20.00
Steel (Generic) 15.00