You must not be in the prairie; but the prairie must be in you… He who tells the prairie mystery must wear the prairie in his heart.

-William A. Quayle (The Prairie and the Sea 1905)

Welcome to beautiful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!

Many of you have been looking at my blog and vlog posts about our prairie home for a few years now, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our connections. This forum has been a wonderful opportunity to not only share the life we enjoy here on the plains, but to showcase our Western Canadian plains to the world.

You will have noticed frequent violin/fiddle posts popping up lately. To reflect my growing addiction to building and learning to play, I’ve decided to rebrand the blog into The Prairie Fiddler you are now reading.

In addition to stories about our prairie friends and neighbours, you’ll see more fiddle stories. Thanks for your interest and I hope you’ll join me for the next chapter!

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