You must not be in the prairie; but the prairie must be in you… He who tells the prairie mystery must wear the prairie in his heart.

-William A. Quayle (The Prairie and the Sea 1905)

In many places of the world, the violin has followed, or in some cases led, human culture. The prairies are no different. From Metis fiddling to Ukrainian dance tunes, you’ll often hear someone sawing away on a fiddle.

I am not a violin maker, nor am I a luthier.  Rather, I am an enthusiast, and I could talk fiddles all day! Check out my store for new, used and reconditioned violins and bows. Maybe I can carry out some basic repairs for you.

Have a family violin that belonged to your grandfather, that has been sitting in the attic for decades? Quite often it takes surprisingly little to get it back into playing condition.

Thinking of taking up the fiddle?  I can try to help by answering technical questions, finding a teacher, or making recommendations on instruments you are considering.

Happy fiddling!