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Welcome to the Prairie Fiddler, where you’ll find an interesting selection of new and vintage violins and bows.

My shop is located in the Confederation area of Saskatoon. Please call 306.717.6735 to arrange a friendly, no hassle appointment or to learn more about products and services. Check out my current inventory listing here, and keep in mind that instruments come and go all the time.

An excited young lady gets measured up for her very first violin:

If you don’t find an instrument that works for you or are looking for something specific, I have many contacts and options, so please give me a call!

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Born in Naples, Vincenzo Postiglione was one of the leading Italian violin makers of the 19th century. With extremely powerful, quick response and even play across all strings, this REPLICA is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. A concert perfomance quality instrument, the violin is fitted with new Eva Pirazzi Gold, medium tension strings. LOB is 353 mm and it is free of any cracks or repairs. A must to try if you are an advancing student or professional! Priced at $4200.

Vincentius Postiglione

The Aiersi Line: Surprising quality in an outfit that is reasonably priced for entry level players, the Aiersi is available in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 sizes. Features ebony tuning pegs, fingerboard and chinrest as well as a tailpiece with 4 fine tuners. The violin outfit includes case, bow and rosin. I personally set up the bridge and soundpost for the best playing performance possible. The instruments come with standard steel strings, but I strongly recommend upgrading the 3/4 and 4/4 to a synthetic core set.

Pricing as follows:

1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 with steel strings $249

Upgrade to synthetic core strings will vary from $30 to $60 depending on selection of string

The Aiersi Family of Violins

The Eastman VL80 is a practically new outfit in 4/4 size. This instrument retails in local shops for $499 plus taxes. The sound and playability of the VL80 are superb. Comes with a nice Fiberglas bow, rosin and carrying case. Fitted with new D’Addario Pro Arte strings and priced at $400

Eastman VL80

Eastman VL100: If the VL80 doesn’t quite do it for you, how about this as-new VL100? The 100 is a cut above, and comes with carbon fiber bow, rosin, a nicer carrying case and is set up with Thomastik Dominant strings. This violin retails in local stores (where you would have to pre-order) for $800 plus taxes. This one can be yours for $600!

Eastman VL100

German-Made Stradivarius Copy: This 4/4 size violin features the big arching of back and belly plates you would expect in a German instrument, and delivers the big sound as well. In great condition for a fifty plus year old instrument. Fitted with new D’Addario Ascente strings. New nut, bridge, soundpost and chinrest. Included is a dart-shaped carrying case, a good wooden bow and rosin. The outfit is priced at $400.

German Stradivarius

Stradivarius Copy in 4/4 Size: I have completely rebuilt this violin, including graduating and tuning the plates, new ebony fingerboard and nut, a tailpiece with 4 fine tuners and new Tonica strings for a bright, even sound. You really need to play this instrument to understand that it outperforms anything available in local stores at twice the price! Violin only is priced at $300. With a nice dart-shaped carrying case and a new wooden bow $400.

Stradivarius Copy 4/4 Size

The Metis Fiddle is a new, entry level violin in 4/4 size, made in China and tuned, finished and fitted by me. The images are safely preserved under multiple coats of oil varnish. It sports ebony fingerboard and accessories and is fitted with steel strings. This instrument can be yours for $250!

A 4/4 size violin from the workshop of Liu Xi: Built in Shanghai, China in 2010, it boasts ebony fingerboard, new bridge and soundpost and is fitted with new Tonica strings. This violin comes with a good wooden bow, rosin and a very nice formed carrying case. The wood in this instrument and the maker’s antiquing make it a thing of beauty! A high level of craftsmanship for $450

The Schoenbach 220 violin outfit retails in local stores for $600 plus taxes. This one came to me with a soundpost crack, as someone had very badly fitted the soundpost. I have repaired and cleated the crack, and it is now as good as new. The violin has new D’Addario Pro Arte strings and comes with a bow, rosin and a hard case. Check out this video for a sound sample. A very nice violin outfit for the hard to beat price of $400.