Violins for Sale

Just starting out, or perhaps entertaining the thought of taking up the fiddle? I can help! I have accumulated a collection of student/entry level violins to demonstrate the various qualities and price breaks you will find in the market. Looking for a violin teacher? If you are in the Saskatoon area, I can maybe help with that, too. You might have guessed by now that I love talking fiddles!

Please note that this is a partial listing of instruments and accessories available in my shop. I have an ever evolving (and interesting) inventory for you to peruse.

All of my violins come standard with Guarnari style chinrest, but can be fitted with a chinrest style of your choice. All are 4/4 size (unless otherwise indicated). Prices are for violin only (unless otherwise stated), and each instrument can also be outfitted with your choice of used wooden or carbon fiber bow, shoulder rest, practice mute, rosin and used carrying case. Price will be dependent on your selection of bow.

Located in Saskatoon but can ship almost anywhere. Please contact me at 306.717.6735

  1. The Aiersi Violin. Available in 4/4, as well 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 sizes. Chosen and imported to compete with the popular Stentor Student II offered at local music stores, this instrument is a cost effective alternative with comparable quality. Includes violin, bow, case, rosin, shoulder rest, electronic tuner… everything you need to take up fiddlin’!!!! The violins feature ebony fittings (except the carbon fiber tailpiece) and nice matte oil varnish finish. For more information and pictures, please visit the post on this blog. Growing and moving up to the next size? Quality trades may be considered. Fractional sizes are priced at $259, but due to increased shipping costs, the 4/4 violins are now priced at $279.

2. For sale on consignment. A beautiful instrument purchased in the white, graduated and finished by Warman violin maker Carsyn Klassen. This violin has extremely clear and quick response and wonderful projection. At $575, this is a fantastic deal, as it easily rivals or surpasses anything you can find at the local violin shop that would sell for more than twice the price!

Comes with case and bow. Call to arrange a trial.

3. Refurbished 4/4 Violin. This instrument began life as a Cecilio. After receiving a regraduation of its belly and back plates, new ebony nut and fingerboard and new Tonica strings, it now boasts bright sound and incredibly easy play. It truly has to be played to be appreciated. Priced at $350.

4. The Metis Fiddle: The sash is perhaps the most iconic symbol of Metis culture. Originally a utilitarian accessory for Metis woodsmen and voyageurs, it gradually took on a symbolism akin to that of the Scottish tartan. The sash image is prominently and permanently embedded on the back plate, with the MN-S flag displayed on the top.

The violin is graduated and fitted, and sounds great! Priced at $425.

5. Stradivarius Messiah 1716 Copy: There is perhaps no violin more famous than the Messiah, and the Model HV08-B is Aiersi’s copy of this iconic instrument. Nicely antiqued, it is finished with beautiful oil varnish.
This violin may interest an advancing player who is looking at moving up to an intermediate level violin. You will not find better value at any brick and mortar store!
Fitted with D’Addario Pro Arte strings, it comes with a quality octagonal bow and case.
Priced at $800 for the outfit.