Violins for Sale

All of my violins come standard with Guarnari style chinrest, but can be fitted with a chinrest style of your choice. All are 4/4 size unless otherwise indicated. Prices are for violin only (unless otherwise stated), and each instrument can also be outfitted with your choice of used wooden bow or new carbon fiber bow, shoulder rest, practice mute, rosin and used carrying case at a price of $125

  1. The Kalman Horvath: Brought across the pond in the early 1980’s by Hungarian Kalman Horvath, this violin has great projection and lots of character. Made in the Mirecourt region of France in the 1930’s, it has a rich voice. Fitted with Thomastik Vision Solo Strings and priced at $550

2. The Nairn Menzies I: Completely rebuilt fiddle. Currently fitted with Sensicore Octave strings for that cello-like sound, but when fitted with regular strings, it is a bright, quick instrument suitable for a fiddling style. Priced at $400

3. Cherry Stradivarius Violin: This is a Chinese made violin that I finished myself. Hand graduated and spirit varnished with a beautiful cherry red finish. Lovely projection. Fitted with Thomastik Solo strings. Priced at $500

4. For sale on consignment. A beautiful instrument purchased in the white, graduated and finished by Warman violin maker Carsyn Klassen. This violin has extremely clear and quick response and wonderful projection. At $750, it easily rivals or surpasses anything you can find at the local violin shop that sell for more than twice the price!

Comes with case and bow. Call to arrange a trial.

5. Eastman VL80: This 44 size violin is in beautiful condition and comes as a complete outfit, including a great carbon fiber bow, Kun shoulder rest, playing mute, rosin and carrying case. The outfit is priced at $425