Fractional Size Violins

The importance of setting a young player up with a correctly sized violin can not be overstated. It can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining a child’s enthusiasm.

The same can be said for the quality of instrument.

At The Prairie Fiddler, I understand the hesitancy of a parent to make a large expenditure when there’s no guarantee the child will ‘stick with it’. With this in mind, my focus is not only fitting and setting up the instrument for each individual, but providing a good quality instrument at a reasonable price.

Along with my basic Aiersi line of student violins, I also have a selection of high quality, vintage European-made violins. Check out my listings:

1/8 Size Violin Outfit: This little setup is in absolutely NEW CONDITION!!! It comes with everything your 4 to 6 year old fiddler needs to begin learning. Comes with case, bow, rosin, electronic tuner, shoulder rest, playing mute and can be set up with fingerboard guide. The case has a built-in hygrometer. All for the low, low price of $250.

1/4 Size Violin Outfit: Labelled Josef Lorenz (Schoenbach) Czechoslovakia. Has a new bridge and soundpost. Outfit includes rosin, a good bow and hard case. This is a beautiful quality instrument with one-piece back and is approximately 40 years old. In nearly new condition. A steal at $250.

1/2 Size Suzuki Outfit: Includes rosin, bow and hard case. Ebony fittings, with 4 fine tuners. Very nice condition. Freshly re-haired bow. Dated 1973, this violin is celebrating its 50th birthday! Yours for $250.

3/4 Size Violin Outfit: Made in Czechoslovakia. Excellent condition. Ebony fittings. Comes with rosin, bow and hard case. New steel strings. Priced at $225.