Many of you may not know that I have three historical fiction novels in print, and I do still have some available. Here’s a short synopsis of each story:

A prairie story of hardship, innocence and most of all, perseverance in a simpler time. Set in the summer of 1937 which, by all accounts, was the worst of the drought years on the prairies and the very lowest point of the depression years.

$15 plus postage

I released this novella in 2017 as a Vimy Ridge centennial project. My great-uncles Edwin and Edison Greenhow fell in The Great War – one on April 9 in the initial battle, and the other three weeks later. Supply of this book is limited.

$10 plus postage

In 1937, two of my step-father’s cousins went on an adventure that few would ever have undertaken. This is a fictionalized account of that bicycle trip.

$15 plus postage