Glen C. Larson – Come Hell or High Water

Nineteen thirty-seven was a most interesting year.  The Spanish Civil war was raging, as Hitler and Mussolini tested their military machines in that country and rattled their sabers across Europe.  George VI was the new King of England, crowned after the abdication of Edward VIII following the Wallis Simpson affair.  Amelia Earhart disappeared on her quest to become the first woman to fly solo around the world.  The Cooperative Commonwealth Federation, or CCF, was still a curiosity, yet was gaining momentum.  A relentless drought savaging the Great Plains of North America was in its seventh year.  The great depression held the world in a death-grip, with no sign of abating.

This work of historical fiction attempts to capture the desperation and the eternal optimism of two prairie families struggling to survive… simpler times, yet by no means easier times.

Available on Kindle.  Also a limited supply of hard copies still available.  To learn more, visit:

Come Hell or High Water


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