Garrett Wilson — Outlier

I’d say this is the ultimate political junkie book for Saskatchewan baby boomers.  Wilson was a lawyer and high level insider in the Saskatchewan Liberal Party.  He was a key player who watched his party go from opposition to Tommy Douglas’s CCF to power under Ross Thatcher, then fade into the backbenches and finally disappear into the Saskatchewan Party.

Personally, I found much of it intriguing, since although I was fairly young at the time of the Ross Thatcher government, my family was quite in tune with the political climate of the day and I suppose I absorbed some of it through osmosis.  The section on Colin Thatcher was most interesting.  After the sensationalism of his murder trial faded away, I kind of lost track of his path from conviction to his release. I hadn’t realized just how unsavoury the man really is.

The book is a well written, exhaustive chronicle of Saskatchewan from the perspective of a political insider/lawyer/writer.  I highly recommend it.



Outlier 001

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