The Gregarious Noisy Jim


During the seven years my wife and I lived in Outlook, Saskatchewan, we certainly heard a lot about ‘Noisy Jim’. Although he passed away in 2001, and we didn’t move to Outlook until 2007, we noticed that his years as owner and operator of the New Outlook Café had made him a local legend. His wife, May, moved to Saskatoon upon his death and passed away in 2010.

Chinese workers came to Canada in the 19th century to build the trans-continental railroad, but by 1923, the country had kept Chinese immigrant workers out, as their services were no longer required. Against these odds, Jim Kook came to the Prairie town of Outlook, Saskatchewan as a “paper son” using a dead Canadian’s identity. The gregarious “Noisy” Jim soon became the most popular man about town and ran his New Outlook Café for forty years until his 2001 death.

While operating the café, Jim and May raised 2 sons and 5 daughters, and became staunch patrons of sports in the community. In fact, the Outlook sports and recreation center was officially named the Jim Kook Recreation Complex. Jim was particularly fond of hockey, and we were told by locals that no child in the community could use cost as an excuse not to play. Jim would pay for equipment, etc. if the need was there.

An interesting video about Jim and The New Outlook Café:




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