Deanna Brown Art

Deanna Brown wanted to do something to help. Applying her craft, she went to work and came up with this Humboldt Broncos Angel drawing.

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Hoping the image might provide even just a little bit of comfort, she made the picture  public and sent it at no charge to anyone who requested. A framed Bronco Angel still sits in a place of honour in our Saskatoon living room.

Deanna Brown is another child of the prairies, with a vivacious spirit and an unmistakable energy.

I’ve added a sidebar link to her website, and encourage everyone to pay her a visit!


From Deanna’s website:

Deanna Brown lives and works in her home studio in Bienfait, Saskatchewan.

A favorite quote inspires a great deal of her artwork; “Be brave enough to be bad at something new”.

She describes her process as“backwards”; in that she sees a finished piece of art in her mind, and works to achieve her original vision. That’s how she chooses her medium and techniques. As a self-taught artist, Deanna isn’t concerned with “textbook” approaches to artwork, and she often combines several mediums and techniques. She is never concerned with the “proper” way to do things.

Deanna gained some international notoriety with her tribute piece to the Humboldt Broncos bus tragedy, and was featured in several Canadian newspapers, on the radio, and on TSN’s blog. The piece depicted a hockey player wearing a Humboldt jersey who had angel wings.Perhaps the most significant aspect of this artwork was the fact that Deanna offered the piece for FREE as a digital download on her website because of the numerous requests she had for prints. It was downloaded over 9000 times.

Deanna donates a significant amount of time, talent and artwork to a variety of charitable organizations.



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