A Conversation with Kenny


In 2003, a young Grade 11 student from Nokomis, Saskatchewan picked Kenny Shields as a local celebrity to interview for her high school English class. Stacy Kirk contacted Kenny’s mother, Alice, who still lived in Nokomis, got his contact information and phoned him. Kenny asked her to email the list of questions, and, sure enough, about a month later back came the response.

Better still, Stacy and friend Heather Tait took pictures over to Alice’s house. Kenny signed them and showed them the Juno award his mother kept on display.

Stacy has graciously agreed to share with us. The time and the detail Kenny put into this interview is a testament to the kind, considerate and humble man that he was. The first page is Stacy’s report for the English class.

Thanks again, Stacy. I think everyone will enjoy this!



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