Amy Jo Ehman – Saskatoon: A History in Words and Pictures


Here’s an absolute gem published in June, 2017 by Amy Jo Ehman.

What, exactly, were the ‘Three Sisters’?

Where is the oldest structure still standing in Saskatoon?

How did Saskatoon come to have its own Light and Power Company?

Why are all wooded areas along the river still public spaces (except where the houses of Saskatchewan Crescent West back onto the water)?

Through a collection of archival photos, and accompanied by carefully crafted narrative, Amy Jo answers these questions and much more. Her book traces the history of Saskatoon from its infancy in the 1880’s to roughly the middle of the twentieth century.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and as I digested each image and story, found myself consulting my friend Google maps regularly. I’m even catching myself touring around the city to look for some of the landmarks.

I highly recommend ‘Saskatoon:A History in Words and Pictures’ to anyone who loves this city.

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  1. Glen, thanks for the lovely review. I think it so fitting that modern technology such as google maps can help us trace the past. I do it, too! Thank you so much for reading my history book and sharing your impressions with fans of your blog. AJ


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