Big Beaver


There’s no other way of putting this, so I’m just going to come out with it — I’m a fan of Big Beaver.

Big Beaver, Saskatchewan, that is. Located east of Coronach and south of the Big Muddy, there isn’t a whole lot to main street, as you can see:

However, like most of these little hamlets, the community appears to have the heart of a lion, with a local regional park, a riding arena (that apparently hosts a rodeo) and a general store that is famous around the world.

From the outside, Aust’s Store is in connected buildings that blend in with most of the other buildings in town. The weathered sign above the door, though, is a harbinger of the treasures to be found inside.


The owner proudly displays a timeline of the history of the store:


The store is known far and wide:


Been there, got the t-shirt!



As we toured around the store, I could not believe the array of stuff. Work clothing, cowboy boots, tools, jumper cables, fireworks, cookie jars, groceries (including meat, canned goods and produce), vetrinary supplies, automotive supplies. It was almost impossible to think of something they didn’t have. I’ll close with a slideshow of the inside of the store.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


    1. Thanks, Bruce. We really enjoyed the visit to this little place. One thing I forgot to mention — when we paid for our souvenirs, it was cash or cheque only, in the old style. How many places like that do you know of anymore?


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