Dust-ship Glory – Elaine M. Will

00-finalcover (2)


Some may remember an earlier post about this graphic novel by Saskatchewan artist Elaine M. Will.  Elaine informs me that her adaptation of Schroeder’s story of Tom Sukanen has gone to wide release with Renegade Arts Entertainment.

Having reviewed the book myself, I am impressed with the volume, the quality and the detail of the artist’s work. The story itself depicts in vivid, harsh detail Tom Sukanen’s agonizing descent into mental collapse during the depression and drought of nineteen-thirties Saskatchewan. Maligned and feared by the community for his eccentricity, Sukanen became another casualty of the times, but not before creating a prairie monument that would stand as a reminder of the power and the fragility of the human spirit.

Dustship Glory can be preordered from book stores across Canada, from Amazon.ca and from Comic Book Stores globally with Diamond Comic Distributors. (Use order code DEC171759)

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