Saskatoon Mayfair Hardware -Updated

Mayfair Hardware

At 203-33rd Street West in Saskatoon, one can make a trip to the past. When my wife and I visited the store a while ago, we were pleasantly surprised at the eclectic mix of stuff on the shelves of Mayfair Hardware.

My cousin had once told me, ‘You have to see this place before it shuts down one day.’

He was right. Mayfair Hardware is right out of the sixties, with merchandise you would never imagine in a small store — from nails and plumbing supplies to mouse traps and small appliances. But it’s more than that. It’s the atmosphere. It’s hard to explain, but it was like I was standing in Dickey’s Hardware in Govan, Sk., or maybe North American Lumber in Semans or Munroe’s in Nokomis.

It’s hard to explain. You have to see for yourself.

Don’t wait too long.


The end of an era: Bruce Thomas passed away on January 8, 2021, not long after being forced to close his hardware due to Covid 19. His obituary can be found here, for those Saskatonians that knew the store well.

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