The Guy Vanderhaeghe ‘Western’ Trilogy

If ever there was an intiguing, educational set of Canadian historical novels, this has to be it. Beginning with The Englishman’s Boy (1996), then The Last Crossing (2002) and ending with A Good Man (2011), a story is told of the Canadian and Northern U.S. frontiers from the early 1870’s to the turn of the twentieth century.

From the Cypress Hills Massacre to the Fenian Incursion, Vanderhaeghe incorporates historical events (some well-known and some not) using colourful and interesting characters to spin a fascinating tale.

The Englishman’s Boy was made into a miniseries in 2008 and won six Gemini awards. Individually, the novels have won Governor General, Canada Reads and Globe and Mail Best Book awards.

The Movie:


I can not recommend these novels highly enough. They are definitely among my all-time favourites.


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