A Visit to Walter Murray Collegiate

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted. What better way to reconnect than posting about one of my favourite hobbies — writing?

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting some interesting young people, a couple of whom are doing writing projects for a school assignment.

“D”, “B”, and “T” are part of my daughter’s class at Walter Murray Collegiate in Saskatoon. For the purposes of this posting, my daughter shall be known as Mrs. L-W. The timing of this event couldn’t have been better for me, since one of the main topics was designing book covers and ‘packaging’ a book for publishing. I’m at exactly that point in my latest book, and I hope the students got as much out of this discussion as I did.

B showed a graphic work she had put together, the main theme of which is clowns. She’s really quite artistic and her book is most impressive. Part of our discussion on cover design involved defining the central theme of our work, and D shared some interesting (and at times pretty darned entertaining) anecdotes he has put into his book. T injected his lively and energetic personality into our discussions.

I found myself re-examining my own writing project, of which I will share a bit in another posting. I really enjoyed the short hour we spent together, and sincerely hope the students did as well.

Here are a few photos of ‘Murray’:


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