Lusty Winter — Max Braithwaite

Braithewaite 022

Pride of Nokomis (though he left town when he was about 5 years old). Lusty Winter is one of the novelist’s later works, and I suspect that if it isn’t a little bit autobiographical, it is certainly inspired by the thoughts of a man coming to grips with the fact that the glory days of his life are behind him.

Following is the inside jacket of this 1978 release, and I’m betting one of very few synopses that uses the word ‘foibles’.


Braithewaite 023


In my opinion one of Braithwaite’s better novels (that’s not to say his others aren’t good), perhaps because I’m nearing that venerable age myself. At the time of release, the author was still alive. He would pass away in 1995 at Brighton, Ontario, at the age of eighty four.

Braithewaite 024

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