Wanuskewin Heritage Park

On Sunday, August 5, my daughter and I toured the Wanuskewin site just north of Saskatoon. The center has an impressive interpretive center, complete with gift shop, restaurant, theater and thematic displays.

Human activity in this valley dates back over 7000 years.



A program runs daily, with tipi raising, dance and an archaelogical tour of the valley.


They have a neat little collection of ornamental displays showing life in the past. The detail is amazing:


In a complete reversal of the info plaques throughout the valley:  If the peoples who inhabited the area thousands of years ago were standing on this hill today, they would have seen my daughter, Megan, pointing sagely to the horizon:

Waneskewun 051


One of more than 70 known ‘medicine wheels’ on the Great Plains. Like Stonehenge, their exact usage remains a mystery to this day, though it must surely have been spiritual:

Waneskewun 062


Juniper Flats. Into the 1800’s, this small, sheltered plain was host to wintering tribes:

Waneskewun 071


‘Buffalo jumps’ and ‘buffalo pounds’ were central to the valley. All in all, $8.50 per adult is money well spent for an afternoon’s entertainment and learning!

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