The Towns of Corner Gas — Pelly


Character:  Constable Karen Pelly, played by Tara Spencer-Nairn. She is the `straight man`for  her partner, Sergeant Davis. She is one of the more sensible characters, but her inexperience on the job or her many other quirks often hold her down. Classic episode in my opinion was the satire of the Summit Series, where she played against home-town hero Brent for the table hockey championship. She is also a world-class athlete in the sport of static apnea.


Pelly, Saskatchewan:

Self-proclaimed `Pearl of the Parkland`. Taken from Wiki:

The village is the closest inhabited settlement to the historical sites of Fort Livingstone, a former capital of the North-West Territoriesand a former North-West Mounted Police headquarters, and Fort Pelly, the Swan River district headquarters for the Hudson’s Bay Company, from which the village gets its name.


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