Stew-Mac Violin Build Episode 6 – Complete

My project is finished! I’m surprised at how good the violin actually sounds, especially considering it’s only a couple of weeks old. Watch my video to see the final product and listen to a (cringeworthy) demonstration. Thanks to everyone who watched me go through the process of building what I have named “The Dragon”. I hope you found it as fun and interesting as I did!



  1. Wow! No apology necessary. I am very impressed. The sound is superior to the older instrument. Looking forward to hearing a Christmas hymn come winter.


    1. Haha. Thanks. It’s kinda like hearing your own voice, shocking at first. Have to agree, though, that the new violin sounds okay. Virtually all parts sold online now are made in China so there are always negative connotations around that. On another build I might take the top off right away and fine tune the thicknesses of the wood.


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