The Haus Project – A Conversation and Tour with artist Jess Richter

The Haus, Jess Richter’s canvas, is hidden amongst the trees once lovingly cared for by her Aunt and Uncle:



On August 10, I was privileged to have Jess share some thoughts on her newly released project, Einwanderin. Following our conversation, she provided an insightful tour of the Haus of her Uncle Udo and Aunt Trudy Kruger.

Watch my interview with this emerging world-class artist:


Join us for a tour of Einwanderin:


  1. Thank you for documenting this Haus project. Jess did a wonderful job and glad she gave the opportunity for people to be able to appreciate it.


    1. She really did a great interview, didn’t she? The interviewer and videographer weren’t as good, but yes, I thought it important that something this unique get recorded. I was truly grateful to be granted the honour.


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