Tuning the Violin Plates

In this video, I summarize my findings on my last violin project, the birdseye maple.  As I continue to learn more about luthiery, the next project is to attempt tuning the front and back plates using ‘tap tones’.  Just for your interest, I include some photos of an old violin that I recently repaired.


Picked this old violin up when I went to look at a 5 string.  The 5 string turned out to be crap, but when I put a bow on this one, I thought it had a bit of soul buried deep inside.

When I got it home, I found a very fine crack under the tailpiece, so it became a project. Besides the crack in the top, the back block was split. You can see the before and afters below.

After all this work (which I had quite a lot of fun with), I was pleasantly surprised at the sound from this rather anonymous Strad copy. Equipped with a set of gold Eva Pirazzi strings that cost almost as much as the violin, it has a huge projection, and tonal quality is improving steadily.

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