A Tour of Batoche

A view from the cemetery. The rectory and church are in the background:




The mass grave and headstone for nine Metis fighters who fell on May 12, 1885:

HeadstoneMass grave


Gabriel Dumont, Louis Riel’s general and military tactition. By some accounts, much of Dumont’s experience on the buffalo hunts was applied to warfare:

0207-dumont-150dumont grave




The restored Caron farmhouse, which was rebuilt in the 1890’s, overlooks the Saskatchewan River. The Metis farmed and hunted and supplemented their income by freighting. Many owned ‘river lots’ – long, narrow tracts of land which ran down to the water. The system was designed to ensure that all had access to the river. It was the threat of losing this right and the fear of losing their lands that forced the Metis to make their stand.

The Jean and Marguerite Caron farmhouse:



Seen at the farmhouse. Does anyone know exactly what it means?




Gunner William Phillips, the only Canadian Militia soldier buried at Batoche. The grave lies in a peaceful spot halfway up the riverbank:944



Rose Fleury, an elder of the Metis Nation of Saskatchewan. Rose was the archivist and geneologist for the Nation long before it was cool:




The billiard table that once entertained the men of Batoche:




A slideshow of some of the displays in the pavillion:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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