‘Dancing Has Never Died’ – Danceland

Sometimes it takes a prompt such as this news article to inspire a blog post.

There are few icons that speak louder for Saskatchewan than Danceland at Manitou Beach, near Watrous. Over the years, the now 90 year old building has had its challenges, including financial woes and now threat of flooding.

The current owners, Millie and Arnie Strueby, are attracting some new attention, and along with it some new supporters to help them in their struggles. The following article is very well-researched, comprehensive and informative.

On a personal level, the thing that sticks in my mind about Danceland is the photo I once saw there of Nokomis resident, Joe Langteine, who remembered working on the building’s construction as a young man. Joe has since passed on.

NB: Wellington White, owner of Danceland in the 1920s also owned the clay brick plant near Moose Jaw. Hit hard by the depression, he lost almost everything and his wife kept them afloat by running a rooming house at Manitou. They are mentioned in a book by Maggie Siggins titled Revenge of the Land.

It would certainly be a shame to see the place go, but as you can see in the article, they are facing a monumental challenge.






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