Western Development Museum – Saskatoon


Western Dev Museum 032


A museum is always an interesting place to visit. WDM is currently running a special display of WWI memorabilia, in particular the aviation aspect of the war. Following is a mosaic of some of the features:



A wander through the museum itself exposes a trove of treasures to look at. They have a whole wing dedicated to automobiles:



Western Dev Museum 036


The museum is generally about agriculture (imagine that!), and is built around 1910 Boomtown:


Some more stuff:


You can even drive a Bennett Buggy. In the depths of the prairie drought and depression of the 1930’s, farmers sometimes removed the engine and transmission of their cars and fitted them for the harness. These quirky vehicles became known as the ‘Bennett Buggy’, named after the Prime Minister of the day.

Western Dev Museum 067


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