Thiessen’s Pro Hardware, Hague

Hague Pro Hardware 533

You just never know when you might happen upon one of small-town Saskatchewan’s undiscovered gems.  Today I was touring with my wife Diane and cousin Gini, and visited an amazing little store in Hague, Saskatchewan.  Hague is about 30 miles north of Saskatoon.

I’ve done blog posts about Aust’s General Store in Big Beaver,   Mayfair Hardware and Coffee and Antiques in Saskatoon.   These certainly have their charms, and this store belongs in the same class.

I have to say that not only was the variety of goods amazing, the quality of merchandise was also exceptional.  Of particular note was the clothing section. Need a washer/dryer or refrigerator? Perhaps a dishwasher?  Owner/partner Sheldon Thiessen can hook you up (did you see what I did there?)  Paint, nails, screws, plumbing supplies?  Partner Terry Thiessen will help you out!

After spending years in the city, we forget how nice it is to hear a friendly shop proprietor’s voice calling out, “Hi! How are you folks today?”  Terry’s wife Darla, (and her bubbly personality) will help you find most anything in this amazing place that is their domain, from clothing to notions to greeting cards.

Terry told me that, as with so many of us, he left it too long to find out the history of the store, though he did find some documents from 1937.  His family has been involved in the business since the 1950’s.

They’re lovely people. It’s worth a day trip!

Terry Thiessen and his wife, Darla:


Just some of the stuff you can buy in Hague, Saskatchewan:

Hague Pro Hardware 529Hague Pro Hardware 528Hague Pro Hardware 527Hague Pro Hardware 526Hague Pro Hardware 525Hague Pro Hardware 524Hague Pro Hardware 523Hague Pro Hardware 532Hague Pro Hardware 529


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