H/T Brian Edwards

Apparently early stage of dementia has begun, as I didn’t remember doing a previous blog post about Danceland.  It’s really, good, though.  You can find it on this site by searching ‘Dancing has Never Died’ – Danceland.

Growing up, I remember hearing stories of just how popular Manitoba Beach used to be, but I had no idea just how popular. This amazing video, even though it was made in 2013, tells the story of Manitou… how it came to be, its rise and its eventual fall from favour.

On one of my few visits to the dance hall, I remember seeing a photo of a gentleman by the name of Joe Langteine.  The caption told a story of the Nokomis/Lockwood resident being the only person alive who actually helped build Danceland of the famed horsehair dancefloor.

The video is 27 minutes long, but very well done and worth the watch.



    1. Ernie and Marjorie were great people. Seems like just about everyone of their generation were dancers. (Good and bad!). My Mom usually played in the orchestra, so I don’t remember her dancing all that much.


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