Octave Violin/Viola Strings

Looking for something special for the string player in your life? Bored with your regular instrument? Do you have a second violin collecting dust in the closet? Why not consider fitting that instrument with a set of octave strings?

These fat strings effectively lower the register by a full octave, giving your violin or viola a ‘cello’ effect. The ones I have installed and sold to date are the Sensicore Octave, though there are several brands available. Slight modifications to the pegbox and bridge may be required, and if this is to be a second instrument, it would be a good idea to have the playing setup of your instruments matched for easy transition from one to the other.

I have several instruments that would be good candidates for fitting, or I can install on a violin of your choice. It’s surprising just how great an entry level instrument sounds with octaves! The current cost, installed and set up to your specifications, is $175. Drop me a line at 306.717.6735 to learn more or to place an order.

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